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We'll learn all about your device and your business to ensure that Verizon Wireless can serve you and your customers.




You'll choose an approved, independent certification lab and we’ll work together to approve your submission documents, develop wireless service plans, determine what testing you'll need and design a certification schedule for you.



We test rigorously to ensure no device will harm our network. Whatever your testing needs are, we'll work with you. Our independent labs can test your device live over our network and certify location based services, MMS or other applications.



We'll build external and internal awareness of your device through joint public relations, the use of the Verizon certification logo, training of our sales teams, and by listing your device in the Device Showcase.

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Verizon is looking to work with you. We have extensive experience with a wide range of businesses.

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Affiliated Development Initiatives

The Verizon Developer Community helps develop applications for Verizon devices.
The Verizon LTE Innovation Center helps companies develop new devices that work on the LTE network.
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